Kiley Energy- A Competitive Power & Gas Supplier

Kiley Energy is a natural gas and electricity supply consultant.  We boost your Net Operating Income and lower operating costs with stabilized alternative supply contracts for business and property owners nationwide.

With clients in all deregulated states,  we have the know how, competitive pricing, and speedy turnaround time to serve you quickly and efficiently

Energy markets move on an hourly basis, and dozens of suppliers offer hundreds of products, but we offer straightforward savings and service.

Switching natural gas and electric suppliers is a quick, simple process.  For many customers it results in significant savings.

Many Simply Pay Less For The Same Natural Gas And Electricity They Already Buy!

With deregulation, you split the supply of power from the delivery.

After you switch to a new supplier with Kiley Energy, in most cases you will still receive the same bill, from the sale same local utility, delivering you the same gas and electric power….

All that changes is the company supplying that power… and that new company often offers you lower prices!

It’s as simple as that.

And even if you have a gas or electricity contract already, there is no cost or harm in researching alternatives.

You have nothing to buy but the energy you already use… but you have everything to gain.

All we need to get started today is a copy of a recent utility bill with account numbers, plus existing contract renewal dates if applicable, and we can get you competitive pricing right away at not cost or obligation.

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Understanding Deregulated Energy

In the past, one utility provided the three components of your energy service: generation, transmission and distribution.

Legislatures and the public utility commissions (PUC) of many states have created competition for electricity and natural gas supply. This allows consumers to choose their energy supplier, while the delivery of the energy is still regulated and is the responsibility of the local utility company.

Deregulated Generation:

With deregulation, you’re able to go direct and choose the company that produces energy, or the company who buys it on your behalf to sell to you.

Regulated Transmission and Distribution:

This is the actual delivery of electricity across poles and wires and natural gas through pipelines to your business by your local utility company. Your utility company is responsible for maintaining the poles and wires, or pipelines, and responding to emergencies and power outages. The public utility regulates transmission and distribution to ensure the safety and reliability of your services.

Energy Deregulation = Opportunity to Manage Exposure

  • Competitive marketplace among energy suppliers
  • Flexibility to create an energy strategy that suits your individual needs
  • Freedom to choose suppliers, products, prices and terms
  • Reliability-transmission and distribution regulated and guaranteed by the PUC
  • Price protection from market volatility and rising costs-budget certainty
  • Potential savings, including tax savings in some markets
  • 41 states in the U.S. are deregulated

Energy Procurement – Your Options

Option 1: Stay with the utility/default supplier

  • Energy not a material expense
  • Comfort with utility

Option 2: Go direct to a third-party supplier

  • Competitive price, but process is less complete/rigorous
  • Limited buying power and market intelligence
  • Requires expertise and is time-consuming

Option 3: Use an intermediary

  • Unbiased advocate working on your behalf to achieve your procurement goals
  • Increases supplier competition and lowers price
  • Identifies the best solutions for each facility in each market
  • Negotiates with suppliers to achieve contractual needs
  • Provides timely responses to changes in market conditions leading to savings opportunities

Using an intermediary like Kiley Energy will allow you to shop multiple energy suppliers, compare, and switch to the best option, in a seamless, easy process.

Energy Deregulation

Energy Deregulation simply opens up the marketplace for new energy suppliers to offer choices.  Deregulation allows consumers to choose who they buy their power from, just as they can choose their long-distance company. This choice creates a competitive marketplace in which each energy company is working to provide the best product. Creating competition drives prices down and improves quality.

Since it began in the late 1990s, deregulation of energy has created opportunity throughout the marketplace.

Under deregulation, each part of your energy service is broken down into separate pieces that are provided by different companies.

Delivery of the electricity to your home as well as all necessary service is still provided by your local utility, making it possible for you to still have safe and reliable electricity in your home.  In most cases, however, your local utility does not produce its own power- it buys power and re-sells to you….if you chose to buy from them.  That’s where alternative suppliers come in.

Electric suppliers are licensed by state and federal agencies and are not in competition with the local utility. The local utility makes money on the delivery and service of electricity- not on its production- so the utility company can easily and profitably support customers who choose to switch suppliers.

Deregulation means you can shop around to find the product that’s best for you. You have a choice. Why wouldn’t you make the choice that saves you money?  There are also choices that help the environment.  The choice is yours.